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Site Analyzer


We will analyze your site and provide you with a full report with general recommendations. The report is yours to keep or share with your webmaster to implement recommendations. Included in Site Analyzer Package: Site Health Analysis Full Report General Recommendations

Specific Solutions (Add-on)


We will interpret your report and give you specific solution recommendations to the conflicts that show up in your report. This add-on is especially helpful for the do-it- yourselfer who may not understand all the general recommendations included in the Site Analyzer report. Included: (Site Analyzer must also be included) Detailed Interpretation of Report Customized Recommendations

Implementing Solutions

Designed on Purpose is happy to assist you in implementing the solutions of Basic SEO and making sure your site is “Google-Friendly”. Each site is different, so the methods and complexity will vary depending on your site. Our solutions vary from simple code edits to complete site re-designs. We make sure all parties are in agreement on the best plan of action and price before taking any action.
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basic SEO

Millions (and more likely, Billions) of dollars are spent every year on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). While favorable results can be achieved with a lot of time and money invested, most small business can’t afford to hire a full-time person to continually optimize their site. Designed on Purpose offers you what we call “Basic SEO” or making your site “Google-Friendly”. While full-blown optimization means continually tweaking your site to keep up with the search engines’ constantly changing algorithms, experts say that up to 95% of your site’s ranking can be achieved through design. The first step is to make sure your site is designed in such a way that the search engine spiders are able to crawl and index your entire site. You can read more about this process on my Blog. Designed on Purpose uses powerful software to crawl your site just as a spider would. It then generates a report highlighting potential problem areas and giving recommended solutions. We offer several packages with varying degrees of information.
Site Analyzer Specific Solutions Implementing Solutions

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